Anthology: from the Greek word Anthologhia, composed of anthos “flower” and legein “to collect”, therefore literally “a selected collection”. The concept underlying this catalogue takes its cue from here.

The second, but no less important step, involves what is chosen. Again, etymology comes to our aid and points out the way. Indeed, we have chose our “flowers”, the most signi cant and important pieces of each category. Items that are icons of their kind; not only sofas, therefore, but also armchairs and accessories, for a truly comprehensive collection.

The story of objects is coherent with the theme of collecting, and lends itself to the iconographic, scienti c language of botany, becoming the paradigm of reference of the descriptions. The various products are analysed, presented and explained in an orderly fashion, in order to highlight their technical construction features and their inherent qualities. A veritable “A to Z of the upholstered world”.

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