For over 80 years, Asnaghi has been producing upholstered furniture recognized for its quality, elegance and style, appreciated by the most exclusive homes and the most refined clientele, have been a constant for three generations.

Today, as then, all products in the collections are completely made in Italy, guaranteeing the prestigious “Made in Italy” brand, synonymous with quality and innovation in the furniture industry.

The Inedito/Asnaghi brand was created with the aim of reaching a wide audience in the furniture market, offering an experience of research, exclusivity and emotionality. Inedito represents an innovative fusion of Italian craftsmanship and a new design concept.

Our history

Our values

With painstaking craftsmanship and dedication to bespoke perfection, each custom creation embodies the very essence of individuality through the contemplation of crisp lines and the refined monochromatic palette of contemporary dwellings.

The work on each piece is imbued with the passion and craftsmanship we have cultivated over the years.

Our Philosophy

Ethically sustainable product

Handcrafted with care

Produced in Italy

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